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Zhink Textile Core Values

The Core Value Of Zhink

The core competitiveness determines the company's living space. The core value of zhink is to identify, participate in and share the positive Kay. People-oriented, hard work, and responsibility are the core of zhink Textile's corporate culture. It is the cultural system with zhink textile characteristics that has emerged and gradually formed in zhink Textile's development history.

People-oriented is the magic weapon for zhink Textile to win in the market competition; dare to fight and dare to take the lead, is the spirit of zhink Textile constantly developing new ideas, opening up a new situation and meeting the new future; Reliable guarantee. People-oriented, hard work, and responsibility are the cornerstone and soul of zhink Textile's corporate culture, and it is also an inexhaustible source of sustainable and healthy development of the company.

Strive for innovation and dare to take the lead. “Not fighting is not a positive person.” Zheng Kai Textile's history of more than 20 years of development is a history of hard work and innovation. zhink people regard hard innovation as their own style of service and action guide. In the eyes of the Kaiser, there is no river that does not cross, but there is no mountain that cannot be turned. zhink people understand that hard work is by no means brusque. Hard work is a decisive decision after reviewing the situation, and it is an innovation that is impossible to turn into a possible innovation. It is the perseverance of the target and the persistent perseverance that dictates that Castle Peak does not relax.